Haddrell’s-UMF 25+ Manuka 250g (MGO 1200+) + FREE GIFT Haddrell’s UMF 10+ 500 G


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Haddrell's of Cambridge | Manuka Honey of NZ

                    Dear Friends

 We want to offer you the strongest Haddrell’s of Cambridge Manuka Honey, UMF 25+ 250 gr (MGO1200+) and to this we give you a FREE GIFT Haddrell’s UMF 10+ 500 G ( MGO 263+ )


            YOUR MAXI- DISKONT


             Haddrell's UMF 25+ Manuka Honey 250g (MGO 1200+) | Natonic

 – The Luxury Manuka Experience – Premium, complex and quality taste you can recognise with every scoop.


     – Direct from the beekeeper – Haddrell’s own team carry out every step of the production themselves to the highest standard with love and care!


     – The purer the environment the purer the honey – All Haddrell’s 7000+ hives are far from humans and pesticides in pristine Waikato NZ!


     – Haddrell’s are experts – Moira Haddrell was a founding member of the Manuka Honey Association! Every batch is independently UMF certified to the highest standards for over 25 years!


25 + Highest UMF™ activity: The most luxurious Haddrell’s Manuka Experience!


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