Haddrell’s Cambridge Manuka Honey-UMF 5+ Manuka Honey 1kg


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Prolife Foods Ltd (Haddrell's of Cambridge) | UMF


You’ve Tried Manuka but Have You Tried Haddrell’s?


     – The Luxury Manuka Experience – Premium, complex and quality taste you can recognise with every scoop.


     – Direct from the beekeeper – Haddrell’s own team carry out every step of the production themselves to the highest standard with love and care!


     – The purer the environment the purer the honey – All Haddrell’s 7000+ hives are far from humans and pesticides in pristine Waikato NZ!


     – Haddrell’s are experts – Moira Haddrell was a founding member of the Manuka Honey Association! Every batch is independently UMF certified to the highest standards for over 25 years!

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Haddrells of Cambridge – Premium Manuka Honey from New Zealand's – TheZongHan

Honey from a better place – Beyond UMF+

Haddrell’s of Cambridge is famous for the quality of their Mānuka honey.
The upper North Island of New Zealand is the perfect place for growing Mānuka trees- pristine, green, clean air, and sometimes very isolated.


Haddrell’s places their hives well away from civilization to allow the bees to get on with the job of making nutritious, premium UMF Mānuka Honey with minimal interference from pests, pollution, and people.

Combine the best nature with 25 years-experience in traditional farming methods and it is easy to see why Haddrell’s is famous for quality!

When you compare Haddrell’s to other brands you will feel and taste the difference.

New Zealand’s Premium Manuka Honey from a Better Place!


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